Six-Word Story Challenge – “8 Days Worth”

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Challenge 1 is: “Escapee”

“The contents of suitcase? Striped pajamas.”

Challenge 2 is: “Starlet”

“Queen, Goddess, she embodied it all.”

Challenge 3 is: “Maverick”

“I’m just here to play poker.”

Challenge 4 is: “Predator”

“No. I’m slow.” The crocodile grinned.

Challenge 5 is: “Adrift”

“Cruise the Pacific in rowboat? Sure.”

Challenge 6 is: “Game”

“Yes, I have a sexy avatar.”

Challenge 7 is: “Wireless”

“Fingers press keys, but battery’s dead.”

Challenge 7 is: “Faerie”

“A evening spent, a century lost.”

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been remiss in posting for the last few days. Sorry about that – blame my Muse and the fact that I’m six months behind on my book. I am now much, MUCH closer to the end.

Feel free to post your answers here, on FB, or anywhere you find this post. I look forward to reading your responses. Visit the complete 2018 Gallery for more challenges. The 2019 Gallery will be posted by the middle of February.

Cheers, J. I. Rogers

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13 thoughts on “Six-Word Story Challenge – “8 Days Worth”

  1. Just pack cash and basic essentials!

    Someone’s going to see my potential.

    I stand alone against you all.

    They will never suspect the truth.

    Where to go? I don’t know.

    Move your pieces wisely, or lose.

    Beware trees that grow all alone.

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