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Brief Biography:

Q & A:

Q: What do I consider my ‘tools of the trade’?
A: Pen, paper, fingers, computer, Wacom Cintiq and my squishy brain.

Q: I’ve boldly stated that I’m an author, what now?
A: The plan is to publish the books, then adapt them into graphic novels. I can’t ‘plan’ for them to be a hit, but that doesn’t mean I’m not keeping my fingers crossed.

Q: What is ‘Tamyrh’?
Tamyrh is the name of the planet I’ve set my dystopian space-opera series on.

Q: And 942 – how is it relevant?
A: It is a number that holds a deep, almost subliminal meaning for the main character.

Q: When did I start this project?
A: I began this series in October of 2012, and had the rough drafts for two novels by the spring of 2013.

Q: Do I have an online presence?
A: I can be found lurking online as J. I. Rogers, Mythspinner Studios, and variations on Tamyrh-942. Scribophile knows me as Jenn Rogers.

Q: How many novels has this developed into?
A: There are eight novels at the moment, and a plethora of short stories.

  1. The Korpes File
  2. The Interview (*Sept 2018 release to beta-readers)
  3. Into The Seep (*Jan 2019 release to beta-readers)
  4. Tales From The BBS
  5. Tamyrh Zero
  6. The Shard
  7. Clan Destine
  8. Clan Evora

(*Note: these dates are relative).

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