GDPR 2018 & ‘Tamyrh Quarterly’ Subscribers.


I’m sure you’re sick to death of hearing about the new General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) which come into effect on 25th May. I’m sorry I have to bring it up here, but unfortunately, I must. 

To help comply with GDPR consent requirements, I require confirmation that you would like to receive content. I have already mailed out that letter to subscribers; if you didn’t get it and wish to remain subscribed to Tamyrh Quarterly, contact me at: and let me know.

You are, of course, free to unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe ‘X’ button in any of my newsletters or by e-mailing me directly at the above address. I’ll honor your request immediately and remove you from the list.

How do I use your personal information?

The required info I ask for is your name and email address, which is stored securely on Mailchimp’s servers. I also ask for a birth-date and age, but those aren’t essential (I just use them for tracking my demographic and mailing out birthday cards).

I’m a big believer in personal privacy. I will never disclose your information to anybody else – Ever.

Have you signed up to be spammed?

For those who are new to my subscriber list – You’ll receive my newsletter, Tamyrh Quarterly (four per year), and the odd, subscriber update (maybe two).

What can you expect – format wise?

Tamyrh Quarterly newsletter e-mail will come in the standard html format with your issue as an attached .PDF.
Any Mailchimp messages will be notices/alerts I need to track (yes, it lets me see who’s received/opened the message) will also be html to allow for related images.

Tamyrh Quarterly is free – a gift for people who enjoy my writing and filled out the sign-up form. Each issue contains a new, short-story set in my world, author updates, and news. You won’t be bombarded with ads.

Image: First three issues – Between 9 – 15 pages long

My Six-Word Story Challenges are daily; what about that?

This does not cover subscribers to my blog – you already have control over how often/in what format you receive those alerts.


J. I. Rogers