Six-Word Story Challenge – “Framed”, “Jewel”, “September”, “Hobo”, “Monkey”, and “Book.”

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Swirly, fractal image with six-word story challenges over-laid.

Challenge 1 is: “Framed”

“But I’m innocent.” “Who’ll believe you?”

Challenge 2 is: “Jewel”

“Empty case. Heavy pocket. Happy thief.”

Challenge 3 is: “September”

“Chill afternoon was warmed by cappuccino.”

Challenge 4 is: “Hobo”

He read the signs. “Danger, bulls”

Challenge 5 is: “Monkey”

“Distracted researcher while troop stole lunch.”

Challenge 6 is: “Book”

“The author’s held captive by Muse.”

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been remiss in posting for the last few days. Sorry about that – blame my Muse and the fact that I’m six months behind on my book.

Feel free to post your answers here, on FB, or anywhere you find this post. I look forward to reading your responses. Visit the complete 2018 Gallery for more challenges. The 2019 Gallery will be posted by the end of January.

Cheers, J. I. Rogers

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19 thoughts on “Six-Word Story Challenge – “Framed”, “Jewel”, “September”, “Hobo”, “Monkey”, and “Book.”

      1. – Had he been? framed I mean.
        – He stole the ruby. He’s guilty!
        – It’ll all be resolved before September.
        – Hobo? Who? No, he’s The Poet.
        – Fingers, the monkey? He’s a kleptomaniac.
        You’ve just read my new novel!

  1. There’s a snitch. It’s not me.

    Our baby is precious to us.

    Time for school to start again.

    Without a home, I must wander.

    Be careful. The unexpected could happen.

    There’s a new world to explore.

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