Tamyrh Quarterly – Issue 2

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“To-Do List” and other Updates

#SciFi #IndieAuthor #IndieArtist #Update Those of you who follow me on social media know I've been away for a couple of weeks due to illness. This flu has kicked the stuffing out of me. My already bizarre sleeping schedule has devolved into something resembling hibernation, and I've let every project I'm involved in fall behind. … Continue reading “To-Do List” and other Updates

This #NewYear, Visit Old #Fiction To Renew Your #Writing Life.

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Jean Lee's World

For all the jokes out there about stories being a writer’s children there rings a subtle truth: we want every story to be its best. Like a sniffly child on timeout, they whine, “I want to be nice!” Then show you are nice, we say. “I don’t know how!” they wail.

And while my kids sure as Hades do know that kicking one another in the face does not qualify as “nice,” some stories are genuinely stumped. Is it the voice, the setting, the age of the characters, the villain? All it takes is one off-element to throw the entire body out of whack.

Such was the case with one particular WIP of mine. I first drafted it during NaNoWriMothe year of my daughter’s birth. It helped me break from my postpartum, but it also stumped me as a writer. Something always felt off: not enough gravitas. Too much…

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