Book Awards

Book one of “The Korpes File Series” was released on March 3rd, 2017.
It has now officially ‘aged-out’ of the new release category.

Book Two of “The Korpes File Series” was released on March 31, 2019.

Presenting the 2019 CYGNUS Book Awards Semi-Finalists:

Lawrence Brown – David: Savakerrva, Vol. 1  
William X. Adams – Intelligent Things  
Erick Mars & Mike Wood – A Legacy of Wrath  
Richard Mann – Purpose  
Callie Smith and Maura Smith – Fort Snow 
Andrew Lucas McIlroy – Earthling  
Ian Cross – The Lights of Time   
Robert M. Kerns – It Ain’t Over…  
J. I. Rogers – The Korpes Agenda 
Paul Werner – Mustang Bettie    
Mart Sander – The Goddess Of the Devil  
Rey Clark – Titan Code: Dawn of Genesis  
Trever Bierschbach – Embers of Liberty 
Tim Cole – Insynnium  
Sandra J. Jackson – Playing in the Rain  
Samuel Winburn – Ten Directions
Jacques St-Malo – Cognition  
Timothy S. Johnston – The War Beneath  
Shami Stovall – Star Marque Rising  
Terry Persun – BIOMASS Rewind 
Darrell Lee – The Apotheosis  
David C. Crowther – City of Drowned Angels  
Stephen Martino – The Final Reality   
K.N. Salustro – Light Runner