4 Day’s Worth of Six-Word Story Challenges

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six-word story challenge times 4

Challenge 1 is: “Conclusion”

She typed two words “The End.”

Challenge 2 is: “Cliff-Hanger”

“The Protagonist was frozen in time.”

Challenge 3 is: “Editing”

“Gremlins earned points by inserting errors.”

Challenge 4 is: “Spell-Check”

“Red lines, because of Canadian ‘u’.”

Hurray! Book two is now in the hands of my copy-editor and a few, select beta-readers. I shall now resume the daily prompts. These four brings me up to date.

Feel free to post your answers here, on FB, or anywhere you find this post. I look forward to reading your responses. Visit the complete 2018 Gallery for more challenges. The 2019 Gallery will be posted by the middle of February.

Cheers, J. I. Rogers

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4 thoughts on “4 Day’s Worth of Six-Word Story Challenges

  1. It had a happy ending, eventually.
    Still, it had an uncertain outcome.
    The writer had discovered new possibilities,
    And the double ‘l’s were reinstated.

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