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Shamelessly Promoting Someone Else.(1)

 I started “Shamelessly Promoting Someone Else” as an irregular feature on my Facebook and Twitter accounts three years ago. In this time, I’ve featured close to a hundred individuals. This page is dedicated to people who’ve helped make my journey as an author easier, help the community in a grand way, are friends, and/or are simply awesome and deserve a bit of the spotlight. The following links will either take you to a page on this site, to their website/blog, or to their amazon listing.

This list will grow.


18 thoughts on “Shamelessly Promoting Someone Else…

    1. I run mini-features on Facebook and Twitter as well. If you want attention, just let me know.

      1. That’s very kind. Twitter is always fun. I purposely stay private on Facebook, not because I’m ashamed but I have always left FB for family and positivity, very rarely Blog related. Do you think that’s a bad thing?
        My blog is on FB by invitation or member share only.

      2. Privacy – I understand completely. I keep a ‘me as me’ page – but I don’t post to it often. My friends and family keep in touch other ways.
        My author and artist pages operate like a FB blog, and it’s on those pages that I shamelessly promote other people’s work (usually writing). So, sharing doesn’t have to be from your FB page – keep your santuary, I can link from theblackwallblog.

      3. You are a smart cookie! 😎 It’s enlightening to know that I am not the only one! Please feel free to share!
        Taking time to “shamelessly promote others”, I certainly hope “your” name is on the list! 🦉 ☀️

      4. My name appears in the ‘Shamelessly Promoting Myself’ features.

  1. Author’s always need something/someone to inspire to write. And when we come across wonderful​ piece of work we ourselves feel motivated. It’s such a great thing that u take so much effort to read through so many people and then highlight them..

    That’s again an inspiration for an individual when the work is acknowledged​..

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