Bob Goddard

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This is a feature for authors that have embodied the true ‘pay-it-forward’ spirit.

Bob’s idea of a spaceship as a small boy…


Despite sharing a name with America’s original rocket man, Robert H Goddard, Bob’s schoolboy dream of flying to distant planets fizzled on the launch pad when he flunked science. So he joined his local newspaper as rookie reporter and went on to write, edit and publish national and international magazines. 

 After writing two motorbike travel books following hair-raising adventures in New Zealand and eastern Europe, Bob returned to his boyhood passion and began an 11-year mission to establish a colony on the Moon. What emerged was a 336-page novel that combines a desperate struggle for survival at a lunar outpost, with religious fundamentalism aboard a wooden sailing ship in 1504. Two distant timelines destined to collide in a simple twist of fate…

Hard Science Fiction / Near-Earth Speculative Fiction

“Mother Moon” reviews in brief…

“A brilliant sci-fi novel… a must read.”

“I truly think this is a Hollywood movie waiting to be filmed.”

“Characters are also well developed, which for me is always a treat.”

“Mother Moon passes the Bechdel Test with flying colors.”

“A feisty and gripping read.”

“Highly enjoyable! Well researched and thought provoking.”

“The denouement will live long in the imagination.”

“A fully rounded, character driven novel that is an enjoyable read.”

“Mother Moon. Download it right now.”

Background, reviews and paperback copies of Bob’s books, plus a monthly Moon colony blog – research over-spill – are available here: Timbuktu Publishing

Travel Adventures – Non-Fiction


Paperback versions of all Bob’s books are also available via Ebay, and kindle ebooks can be downloaded from Amazon via Bob’s author page, here: Bob Goddard at
Bob lives in Norfolk, England and also in Cyprus with his wife, Viv.