“Visit Tamyrh”

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I was testing mp4 creation software and I came up with this. It’s a short, visual tour through the known areas of my world, Tamyrh. It isn’t perfect and there is no sound, but it’ll do for now. Constructive feedback is welcome.

J. I. Rogers

I replaced the mp4 animation with an mp4 video after I added a few panels and corrected the bottom banner. There’s still no soundtrack/narration – that’ll come.
Here are all of the images in the order that they appear.

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10 thoughts on ““Visit Tamyrh”

  1. I think this is really good, Jenn!
    Add some dramatic music…possibly a voice over? My only criticism is that ‘The Seep’ doesn’t look menacing enough to me, especially the first picture. I imagined something very gloomy and dark, with a kind of sickly, yellow-green atmosphere and toxic pools of something thick and murky.
    The other graphics look spot on.

  2. I thought I just left a reply, but I think it disappeared. Never mind. This is really good, Jenn!
    Add some dramatic music, possibly a voice over?
    One criticism: The Seep, especially the first pic, doesn’t look menacing enough to me. I imagined it as rather dark and gloomy, with a thick yellow-green atmosphere and pools of thick toxic stuff.
    All the other graphics are spot on.
    One other observation: the map is really helpful when trying to picture Tamryrh for the first time. You may have changed it since I read the ebook, but having the map at the front would’ve been good. When my mom read it I printed the map from your website for her. Of course, this is the beauty of having the physical book.

    1. Thanks for all the helpful insights – as mentioned, I was testing Canva, so I used their images. As the feedback has been positive, I’ll look into software that’ll let me add multiple soundtracks. I’ve already got the mic.
      The map gets upgraded each time a book is published; I add new sites as they are mentioned. This map is for book 3.
      I’ll have to start painting again so I can get The Seep right 😀

  3. Excellent production, Jenn, but maybe slow it down to leave more time for viewers to take in the graphics? And the text could be moved in a bit from the edges — especially on the first frame, where it’s cut off on the sides.

    I agree with Chris re the voice over and music — especially the voice over. Let us hear the author! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Kathy. This is just a test of the Canva mp4 save format – I’ll need a real program to make the changes in speed, and add voice-over/music tracks. I’m working on it <3

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