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December 14th, 2017, is my feature day on the 22 Days of Christmas, and I thought I’d provide a blog post as my shareable content. First, a little about me that I’ve not listed on my various profiles.

22 Days of December (1)

Hitherto Unknown Factoids

I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada, in 1967, then work took my parents (and me, by proxy) to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. My family returned to Canada in the early ’70s, and then went back to Africa, this time Nairobi, Kenya, in the late ’70s. That combined African experience profoundly shaped my sense of sight and sound, and has woven its way into my stories. It was magical. The globe-trotting stopped in the early ’80s, and I finished high school in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

After that, I went to what was then Emily Carr College of Art and Design, to study film animation – pre CGI era. Our class was part of a collaborative animation project with a film school in Beijing, China, called ‘View Out My Window’, and we got a chance to see the official screening at the 1988 International Animation Festival in Shanghai, China.

I didn’t continue with animation, but I stayed creative. I got married, had a son, worked, and eventually divorced… For the next 20 years, I drew, painted, sculpted, and attended every Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention I could as an artist. I ran a modestly successful APA called “North West Passages” which contained waiver-signed and approved fan-fic based in Mercedes Lackey’s world.

Now I’m back in Revelstoke, happily ensconced with two cats, a tolerant logger, and pursuing my writing and art.

New Release

Author S. A. Gibson and I recently collaborated on this short story, set in his near-Earth, dystopian world. “Last Horizon: Collapse” went on sale, yesterday.

“Civilization as we know it has ended; not with an apocalyptic bang, but with an insidious virus. In a future where technology is lost, it falls to Destiny and Alfonso to travel through time and fight to save the future of the Pacific Northwest. Go on the dangerous journey with them in this short story.”

Here’s some of my photography, sculpture, and other art.

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I wish you all the best of the Season, and a bright, successful New Year.


J. I. Rogers




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