“To-Do List” and other Updates

#SciFi #IndieAuthor #IndieArtist #Update Those of you who follow me on social media know I've been away for a couple of weeks due to illness. This flu has kicked the stuffing out of me. My already bizarre sleeping schedule has devolved into something resembling hibernation, and I've let every project I'm involved in fall behind. … Continue reading “To-Do List” and other Updates

December’s Random Repartee

#SciFi #IndieAuthor #Update #Biography December 14th, 2017, is my feature day on the 22 Days of Christmas, and I thought I'd provide a blog post as my shareable content. First, a little about me that I've not listed on my various profiles. Hitherto Unknown Factoids I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada, in 1967, … Continue reading December’s Random Repartee

Welcome to December!

It started as a short update, and grew...