Welcome to December!

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This will be a short post – I’m fighting off a migraine and staring at the computer screen is making my squishy brain, even more-so.

Here are a few updates for you:

Good News: Just in case you didn’t know, “The Korpes File,” recently won Best Sci-Fi in the ‘Authors Talk About It’ – Book Award Contest. Also, I had a 10-minute radio interview with Mike Murphy of “Stoke FM,” and I had my first ‘in-store’ book signing. Thanks to Vanessa and those who purchased copies at ‘Grizzly Books,’ it was a big success. Thanks too, to my sister’s in crime, Lena B., and Cindy P., for supplying me with water, coffee, and bonbons afterward.

Other Writing Projects

So, where is book two, Jenn?
It’s about 4/5ths done – I had two characters hijack things and declare shenanigans. I’m sorting out the civil disobedience charges now and weeding out the short story material from what will remain in the book.
Oh yeah, I’m also wearing two wrist braces to offset carpal tunnel discomfort. It’s slowed me down.
All I can say is… ‘soon.’

Bunnies and dragons will be sooner.

But, it’s all good. There are new books – well, one’s new, and the other is a collection that includes “TKF” in with a bunch of sci-fi, fantasy, speculative fiction. I’ve added the details below.


  • “Last Horizon – Collapse”, is a near-Earth, post-apocalyptic short story that I’m co-writing with S. A. Gibson. It is due to be released December 12th, so go and grab a pre-order if you want to see what we’ve cooked up between us.
  • On The Horizon - preorder infocorrected
  • “On the Horizon” is a much larger venture. “The Korpes File” will be included in this box set, along with the works of twenty-one other talented, international authors. Pre-orders are available now; the release date is May.


January will see the release of Issue 2, Volume 1, and it will contain…
I am now soliciting votes for what you’d like to read.

  1. A continuation on last issue’s “Protocol 9”.
  2. “The Demonstration” – what happened outside the Symposium on that faithful day.
  3. A glimpse of someone’s past
    – Vivienne Kruvic
    – Captain James Narcisco
    – Evan Stannic
  4. “The Bride Bribe” – the story behind the first, infamous Harlo wedding.
  5. Something else – let me know at: tamyrh_quarterly@jirogers-author.com

Well, that’s it for now.

J. I. Rogers

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