“The Korpes File Series” Character Index & Map 


There are a lot of characters to keep track of in “The Korpes File”. Here is a complete listing of their names grouped by location, and a brief description of their role in the story. This list also appears at the conclusion of each book, updated with new characters.



General Ken Galen – CO of Farlen Station, Korlune’s deepest fortified foothold in the Seep.

Major Kerris Galen – Warden of Tantrys prison

Lieutenant Dylan Glass – ‘By-blow’, a half-Korlo – Diasporan. Military Guard, assigned to Nash at Teslem Station.

Colonel Kael Sunde – Tannis Zeria’s uncle. Retired Military, runs Protocol 9 (a discreet health care / extended coverage service for their corporate clients).

Scott Roush – Member of the black-out team dispatched to Astel Diaspora.

KMR&D PERSONNEL: Korlune Military Research and Development

Hal Beldras – Birlo Mech, throwback, Teslem Station.

Daniel Beldras – Birlo Mech, Hal’s cousin, Teslem Station.

Albert Channing – Master-Mech in charge of the Mech-Bay at Teslem Station.

Susanna Dar – ‘By-blow’, a half-Korlo – Diasporan working at Ethos Station.

Ashley Harlo – Med-Tech assigned to project – William and Regina Harlo’s daughter, Kier’s cousin, works on the Armatus Project at Velasco Station. Married to Loren Derval.

Blake Huri – Research assistant to Dr. Kruvic.

Rey Kezlen – Worked briefly with Dr. Tom Sando at Harlo-Fyre, works primarily with Dr. Selwyn Maro.

Nash X. Korpes – Diaspora born prodigy working for KMR&D and assigned as the Master-Tech of The Armatus Project, Velasco Station. Tyran throwback and N01 on the BBS.

Jasper Krane – Comptroller, Royce Malvyne’s boss and friend.

Vivienne Kruvic – Head of Special Projects KMR&D, dying from K’Shar Syndrome.

Chief Inspector Aldus Lang – KMR&D investigator, sent to investigate the escape of James Narcisco from Velasco Station.

Grant Lynel – Med-Tech, Head of a sub-group studying throwback genetics run by Dr. Kruvic and Dr. Maro, Teslem Station.

Royce Malvyne – Comptroller for KMR&D, works on the Armatus Project at Velasco Station.

Selwyn Maro – Head of the Recombinant Genetics Department, KMR&D, working on a cure for K’Shar Syndrome.

Captain James Narcisco – Assigned to The Armatus Project as ‘test subject’, eventual leader of Clan Destine.

Cindy Prcevich – Air traffic controller at Junelle Station

Talim Rand – Director of KMR&D.

Alys Santaro – Master-Tech at Teslem Station, and Nash’s advocate.

Winston Stayne – Med-Tech with KMR&D, throwback, and Nash’s cousin.

Kier Tamsin – Clinical Psychiatrist – William Woodbine’s nephew, Ashley’s cousin, works on the Armatus Project at Velasco Station.

Davis Trent – ‘By-blow’, a half-Korlo – Diasporan prodigy working for KMR&D, works on the Armatus Project at Velasco Station as Master-Mech. Nash’s best friend.

Flynn Wynt – Civilian Employee at Junelle – Bartender, head of the local black market, and older brother of Kalish.

Kalish Wynt – Master-Mech’s apprentice at Junelle, friend of Nash, and liaison for local black market.

KORLO CLUSTERS: Private Sector

Jacob Ason – Head of the largest crime family in all of Korlune.

Jon Ason – Assassin, middle son of Jacob Ason.

Russell Ason – Eldest son of Jacob Ason.

Seth Ason – Youngest son of Jacob Ason – scholar.

Loren Derval – Former Suppression Guard, Bodyguard to Kier Tamsin, Ashley Harlo’s annulled husband.

Clara Fenton – Perry’s Mother, and old love of Royce Malvyne.

Perry Fenton – Former Council Operative, now with Clan Destine.

William Harlo – CEO of Harlo-Fyre, Ashley’s father, Kier, Rose, and Devlin’s uncle.

Regina Harlo – Socialite, wife of William, sister of Edric Mallon, Council member from Thallen Cluster.

Kaspar Isoldrun – Council member from Riva Cluster.

Jasco – William Harlo’s personal driver and bodyguard.

Garren, Lar, and Jex – Harlo-Fyre Security Forces.

Tye Koris – Council member from Merrow Cluster.

Carol Makon (nee Isoldrun) – Daughter of Kaspar Isoldrun, Edric’s wife, dying from K’Shar Syndrome.

Edric Makon – CEO of Makondi Corp, Regina’s younger brother, rival company of Harlo-Fyre, Council member from Lorsa Cluster.

Tom Sando – Former Head of R&D, Harlo-Fyre, committed suicide.

Owen Saunders – Head of R&D, Harlo-Fyre.

Mike Sekkaro – CEO of Sekk-Tech, Council member from Elune Cluster.

Devlin Tamsin – Younger brother of Kier Tamsin.

Rose Tamsin – Archaeologist, sister of Kier Tamsin.

Jack Umbra – Personal legal rep for William Harlo and assorted powerful individuals.  Rumored to have ties to the Ason family or be a Council Operative.

Tannis Zeria – Secretary to Director of HR, Harlo-Fyre, Colonel Kael Sunder’s niece

DIASPORAN CITIES: Includes Diasporan and M’Kang

Stan Dros – M’Kang, infiltrator.

Diani Fel (nee Korpes) – Mech, Nash’s older sister.

Vincent Fel – Med-Tech, Diani’s husband, father of Sam and Delayne.

Delayne Fel – Daughter of Diani.

Sam Fel – Son of Diani.

Suna Korpes – Retired botanist, Grandmother to Nash and Diani.

Pari Korpes – Master-Mech, Diani and Nash’s mother, Winston’s aunt.

Rozwyn Kuld – Artist, Fiancée of Nash Korpes.

Ben Kuld – Med-Tech, Rozwyn’s father.

Marissa Yennig – Leader of a M’Kang raiding party.



Field Marshal Hartoum: Military Leader/Dictator of Ankoresh. Responsible for establishing peace with Korlune.

Ed Olivier – Ankor Master Mech, Admin on BBS, friend of Nash, CWM (Chief Weapons Mech) is his official title. E02 on the BBS.

Evan Stannic – Ankor Master Tech, Admin on BBS, friend of Nash, CFT (Chief Field Tech) is his official title. E01 on the BBS.

Commander Suna Tekel – Archaeologist and historian, specializing in military technology. Affiliated with Rey Kezlen and Selwyn Maro.


The Kind Voice – Nash began hearing this after his seizure at Teslem Station.

The Sarcastic Voice – Provides a counterpoint to Nash’s internal banter.

The Darkness – Plays off Nash’s darker instincts. It also emerged after the seizure.


C01 – Also referred to unofficially as ‘Control’; the AI that runs the BBS.

E01 – Evan Stannic.

E02 – Ed Olivier.

N01 – Nash Korpes.