The Inspiring Muse Award

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The Brief History of ‘The Inspiring Muse Award’

I’ve been ‘Shamelessly Promoting Someone Else’ for as many years as I’ve been online and I decided to take it one-step further. Despite the internet’s reputation for trolls, I’ve found that I interact with a brilliant collection of people on a daily basis. Each offers a gift whether it’s art, knowledge, a story, or just a well-timed joke. I wanted a way to thank them for inspiring me that was less impermanent than a typed ‘thank you’.

This is a personal award that I bestow on people who I feel are excellent examples of different aspects of the creative community, or of humanity in general. Anyone I interact with is eligible to receive it, and it is awarded once each month.

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September’s winner is Richard Tomlin, for his amazing responses to my Six-Word Story Challenges on Facebook. Thank you, it’s a real privilege to read them.
Visit his page on Facebook: Rednecknerdpoet

October’s winner is Andrew McDowell, for his continuous support in sharing my posts on Facebook and constant encouragement. Thank you.
Visit his page on Facebook: Andrew McDowell, Author and his website: 
Twitter: @ammcdow

November’s winner is Jean Lee, for many reasons (read her posts and I guarantee you’ll start following her). She is a delight to read and an awesome human as well.
Visit her website: Jean Lee’s World
Twitter: @jeanleesworld