The Inspiring Muse Award

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The Brief History of ‘The Inspiring Muse Award’

I’ve been ‘Shamelessly Promoting Someone Else’ for as many years as I’ve been online and I decided to take it one-step further. Despite the internet’s reputation for trolls, I’ve found that I interact with a brilliant collection of people on a daily basis. Each offers a gift whether it’s art, knowledge, a story, or just a well-timed joke. I wanted a way to thank them for inspiring me that was more permanent than a typed ‘thank you’.

This is a personal award that I bestow on people who I feel are excellent examples of different aspects of the creative community, or of humanity in general. Anyone I interact with is eligible to receive it, and it is awarded once each month.

September’s winner is Richard Tomlin, for his amazing responses to my Six-Word Story Challenges on Facebook. Thank you, it’s a real privilege to read them.
Visit his page on Facebook: Rednecknerdpoet

October’s winner is Andrew McDowell, for his continuous support in sharing my posts on Facebook and constant encouragement. Thank you.
Visit his page on Facebook: Andrew McDowell, Author and his website: 
Twitter: @ammcdow

November’s winner is Jean Lee, for many reasons (read her posts and I guarantee you’ll start following her). She is a delight to read and an awesome human as well.
Visit her website: Jean Lee’s World
Twitter: @jeanleesworld

December’s winner is S. A. Gibson for his enthusiastic support of writing collaborations and generous nature. Through him, I’ve been introduced to many talented authors, collaborated on a short story, and been promoted with him. His unique, post-apocalyptic series is a must read.
Visit his page on Facebook: AuthorGibsonLA
Also on Facebook: ProtectedBooks
Twitter: @gibsonauthor

January’s winner is Melissa Williams for her fantastic support and relentless enthusiasm during virtual events – she’s attended every one I’ve been in for the last year. Melissa is an aspiring author who is currently working on her first novel; as a fan of steampunk, I’m looking forward to its release.
Visit her page on Facebook: Melissa Williams
Website: Coming Soon
Twitter: @Melissande1228

February’s winner is Bob Goddard for his relentless support of my writing – Bob is a prolific author of both science fiction and travel adventure books, as well as being my copy-editor and friend. I encourage any and all to read his work.
Visit his page on Facebook: Bob Goddard 
Amazon Listings: Bob Goddard
Website: Timbuktu Publishing
He’s also in charge of the Facebook group Science Fiction Novelists 

March’s winner is Chris Hall for her relentless positive energy, excellent stories, and support of her fellow authors via interaction on social media – Chris is the author of ‘A Sextet of Shorts’ (short story collection) & ‘The Silver Locket’ (a novel) . I encourage any and all to read her work.
Visit her page on Facebook: Luna’s on Line
Amazon Listings: Chris Hall
Website: Luna’s on line
Twitter: @ChrissyH_07

April’s winner is Cindy Prcevich
Unlike most of my other nominees, Cindy isn’t an author; her superpower is reading. I can’t say that I’ve ever encountered anyone with such a voracious multi-genre appetite. I’ve suggested she start a blog with her reviews. She just smiled, ‘cat-like,’ and said nothing.

Perhaps if you ask her nicely, she’ll read your books too.

Twitter: @cindy_prcevich

May’s winner is Jeannie JB Richards
Historian/Award-Winning Intl Multi-Genre Author—Founder IHIBRP/IRL/IndieFabs, Jeannie is an endless source of positive energy in the Indie Author community. If you’re looking for something excellent to read, check out the her historical-fiction The Yeshua and Miri Novel Series as well as her fantasy epic The Dragon’s Heir Trilogy.
Visit her page on Facebook: Jeannie JB Richards
Visit: Indies Helping Indies Book Review Project
Amazon Listings: JB Richards
Website: Author JB Richards

Sometimes someone extra special happens along, and it is my pleasure to announce June & July’s winner, Neil Singh.

On his website he lists his mission as being “To be a good father who creates partnerships that seek justice.” This isn’t just a nice motto; he actually lives it and travels the globe doing good work.

…I am on a sabbatical from my career of 30 years. I am volunteering with an organization called UrbanPromise with several projects in Vancouver, in Honduras, in Malawi, and elsewhere… 

To learn more about this magnificent example of humanity.
Visit the FB Site: Promise Vancouver
Neil’s Website: The Walking Dad – life begins at 50