Update: All the projects!

Hello everyone!

I will get this out this year. A couple of characters have decided to run sideways with the plot, so those who got an advance look at the earliest version… book 3 looks nothing like it. Congratulations, it’ll be a surprise.

This will be released in September. Patrons already have their version. 🙂

The sketchbook hit overflow, so I pulled all the Cluster City info and made a prototype for a world supplement book (cover seen below). It makes sense; all of the images for the Korlo Cluster City were created using a combo of Wombo.ai and Corel, and my character sketches are all generated by hand. 🙂

I’ll update more on the sketchbook with some teasers later this month once I finish reorganizing.

I believe I have all the named characters covered now. Patrons over $10 will receive their painted selves by the end of the year. Thank you, Nick, Scott, Jesse, and Carly for your support.

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