Progress Report Feb/March 2022

The Korpes Identity
I’m going to knuckle down and write for the next while. With a little luck, I’ll be able to pull off my grand aspiration to have book 3 come out in March, just like books 1 and 2. A lot of my plotted plot is no longer relevant – the characters have run amok. If I’m not online for the next few weeks it’s because I’m arbitrating character demands.

Tamyrh on World Anvil
Yes, I’m updating as I write (it’s operating as my world bible atm, so a number of goodies are not yet visible to members yet). Still no luck with CSS, but I’ve managed to create a new look using graphics.

This is a sample of one of many graphic changes visible on Tamyrh’s landing page. Content will follow.

Nova – Boxed Edition
That won’t be arriving for a while, but when it does, I’ll upload a video of the unboxing/critique, and of a play-through. Stay tuned.

Team Velasco – The Figures
Yes, I’ve ordered them all now and I plan to paint them up. Who knows, they may end up being a prize at some point. The other figure is for the patron who signed on for the “bit-role.” 

Nothing to add to that.
Cheers all,

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