Here’s a visual presentation to show what I’ve been up to between moving and life.
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For those who prefer to read the text

Novels: Book 3, “The Korpes ?” (? because it’s not named yet) is officially in the works. Hopefully, I can have a copy out to beta-readers in January 2021

Here is a brief synopsis of what’s planned
(the characters reserve the right to change plot elements):

Nash is missing in action. Korlune is on the brink of a civil war as tensions between Clan Destine, Clan Evora, and the Ranking families reach critical mass. When a Cluster City falls, all eyes turn to the Seep as a new enemy enters the ring.

Tamyrh Quarterly, my once and future zine, will pick up again with fresh short-stories set in the present series’ timeline. I’m targeting an October issue.

Over the last six months, I’ve decided to expand my presence online and make my series art, world-building, and short-stories available to fans on multiple platforms.

Find Me On:
Society6 will carry mugs, t-shirts, and other items. I’m currently testing product quality.
Patreon is home to those who wish to contribute financially and keep me in coffee. Tier rewards such as series related sketchbooks, signed books, swag (digital and physical), are examples of just a few things that get mailed out.

In Development:
World Anvil will be a space where fans can access a deeper level of story content, world-building, concept art, and assorted goodies. Select patrons will have advance access, beginning in October 2020
Video & Podcasts – I have the software & equipment, now to get rolling.
Audio Books – I have the software, now to use it.
Mystery Box – this is still a secret 🙂 It could involve group projects, film, animation, comics, or related media.

Cheers all,
J. I. Rogers

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