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I attended a book convention in Bellingham, Washington, this weekend. Last year, I entered the Chanticleer International Book Awards (otherwise known as the CIBAs). “The Korpes File” had the rare distinction of surviving the slush pile, the long list, the short list, and was chosen as a semi-finalist in the CYGNUS Sci-Fi Category.
That, was exciting.

Sitting at the table, listening to them read off the names of those who placed first in the category was fun and to be fair, I didn’t think I’d hear my name… but I did. I cried, but thankfully my make-up didn’t turn me into a raccoon. “Wow,” said I (in relation to both miracles).
First prize came with bonus swag from and

Then came the time to announce the Grand Prize in category. I sat back, waiting to hear someone else’s name (and be happy for them), but mine was called. “Oh, shit?!” said I (causing laughter at the table), and I turned in my first place ribbon for the new one. This came with further swag from and that I will investigate and post about at a later point.

I’m very happy. “The Korpes Agenda” is being entered in next year’s CYGNUS contest – who knows 😀

Would I recommend Chanticleer Reviews, the CIBAs, and the Chanticleer Authors Conference for my fellow aspiring authors?

Cheers, I’m going to go drink and celebrate now.
J. I. Rogers

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14 thoughts on “Some News

  1. Jennefer, we are so proud of you. So very very proud! All your life you have shown so many abilities. Now you have demonstrated your talents again by giving us this so very interesting first place winner of this prestigious award.
    Congratulations sweetheart. We say this with tears in our eyes
    Mom and Dad

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