Award Update – “The Korpes File”

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In 2017, I had a massive uptick in friend requests which were mainly a way to drop ‘vote for my book’ ads in front of me. This made me cranky…
I wrote a long, ranty post about it and lightly teased people for collecting shiny stickers for their books. I also suggested that awards be added for things like ‘best street team’ and ‘offers the best voter inducements.’ Then, I had a tiny moment of self-realization and discovered that the magpie in me was a bit jealous. I cracked and started submitting “The Korpes File” to contests.

“Whomever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.” ~ Nietzsche

“We mock the things we are to be.” ~ Mel Brooks

I’ve not run ads, so any book sales I have are a result of my somewhat slap-dash charm coupled with you talking your friends into giving my book a chance.

You are my street team.
Take a bow, each and every one of you.

Here are the awards (plus descriptions or reviews) “The Korpes File” has garnered since it was published in March of 2017. I’ll find out if I advance to first place in the Chanticleer CYGNUS at the end of April. There are two more after that; the ‘Indie Book Awards’ and the ‘Readers’ Favorite Award.’ After September, TKF ages out of being eligible for these shiny gongs.

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