The Official ‘First Post’

You’ll notice the banner I’ve used has a date and says ‘fee free’. It’s true; no patrons were charged for this update. 

Why am I posting an update?

I’ve had several people approach me with concerns about my choice of ‘pay-per-creation’.

Why did I do it?

It’s to protect everyone; there will be times when other projects keep me from generating swag. If your patronage is based on a ‘per creation’ basis and I don’t create something, you don’t pay that month. 

As A Safeguard:
To allay any other fears you may have about this, you can edit your budget and set a maximum you’re willing to spend per month.

Other News:

Issue 3: Volume 1 of “Tamyrh Quarterly” was released yesterday, and includes the short story “Forget-Me-Not” – which is set in Thallen Cluster. Issue 1 contained “Protocol 9”, which takes place in the Seep. Issue 2 contained a partial chapter due to appear in book 2. That teaser was called “Blood Ties”, and takes place in Riva Cluster.  

Each of these stories are available, retroactively, to those who subscribe to the $3 tier and above.

Cheers for now,

J. I. Rogers

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