Patreon Goal: DIY Funko Pop Figures Video

Here is the promised creation video. As I settle into being half-moved and having to #stayhome, I’m assembling a working schedule to get caught up on everything. I’d like to offer a HUGE thank you to Nick Mower for all his hard work on this vid, and on animating my logo.

“The Korpes File Series” Figures:
Ashley Harlo – Complete (just need to set up photo shoot).
Royce Malvyne – Unpainted.
Vivienne Kruvic – Concept and some sculpting done.

Here are the other projects:

Sketchbook: I have been actively sketching to get this back on track.
Book Three: I’m at the edting stage 😀
Tamyrh Quarterly: I’m torn between doing a Jon story or a Jack story… Maybe a Rozwyn story.

Cheers all,

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