“I Was Tagged” & Other Updates

#SciFi #IndieAuthor #WIP #Update #Book2 I was tagged by both Steve Turnbull and Stephanie Barr to post the first seven lines from my latest WIP. Thank you, both. Because Facebook strips formatting when you copy and paste, I thought I'd kill two birds with one post and add my content to this author update. "The … Continue reading “I Was Tagged” & Other Updates

Prerelease Party of “The Korpes File”? YES!

#SciFi #IndieAuthor #BookRelease #CoverDesign #SpaceOpera #AmPublishing The time has come to pry this manuscript from my fuss-budgety death-grip and let it find its fate among the reading population. With that said, it's still lodged in the gullet of Amazon as a draft. A little Q & A with J. I. Rogers: What are you waiting … Continue reading Prerelease Party of “The Korpes File”? YES!