Editorial Reviews for ‘The Korpes File.’

Published in March of 2017, book one of “The Korpes File Series” has had a great reception. Here is the collection of the interviews and editorial reviews for “The Korpes File.”

Five Stars “…Its intelligent story-line only adds to depth of emotion the reader feels.  Not an easy book to read, it is nevertheless a page turner.  Complex and fascinating, the reader will discover more and more elements each time it is read…”
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~ Gwenellen Tarbet of InD’Tale Magazine

Five Stars “…The sci-fi piece is plainly at the core of the story, but J.I. Rogers fluidly incorporated levels of racism, love and corruption into the story-line as well. The Korpes File is sure to be a hit with sci-fi fans…”
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~ Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team

Five Stars “…The futuristic and gritty setting is a strong pillar of The Korpes File…”
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~ Ray Simmons of Readers’ Favorite

Five Stars “…Rogers’ amazing characters are built from the ground up. Their personalities are based as much on their generational histories and ethnic origins as much as the individual traits to which they are ascribed. The diversity of characters and situations that drive this plot-line forward, amidst a perfect storm of shocking and oftentimes devastating scenarios, causes cultural diversity to spur racial paranoia, impossible technologies to suddenly be made possible, and clashing personalities to find a way to mesh together despite their differences—allowing the main protagonists to somehow come together and work toward a common goal…”
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~ IHIBRP Book Review by J. B. Richards

Five Stars “…Few debut books attempt to achieve what J. I. Rogers set out to achieve, and even fewer are able to create a story that is so unlike everything else out there. The Korpes File is one such work and a stellar debut novel for Rogers…”
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