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The Characters In Books 1 – 5


Colonel Kael SunderRetired Military, runs Protocol 9 (a discreet health care / extended coverage service for their corporate clients)
Dr. Alfred DoncasterKnown as ‘D’ or ‘the Surgeon’, retired military, works exclusively for Protocol 9
Mike SekkaroRetired Military, worked with Colonel Sunder for four years after the incident in the Seep. Now runs Sekkaro Industries.
Captain Miles KasperPlaced in autonomic suspension after the incident in the Seep to keep him alive.
Corporal Calvin LindyRetired Military, works exclusively for Protocol 9
Private George BarrisDied in the Seep
Master-Mech Hallie JuneRetired Military, works for Protocol 9 maintaining their fleet of vehicles
General GalenCO of Farlen Station, Korlune’s deepest fortified foothold in the Seep.
Dylan GlassHalf Korlo – Diasporan. Military Guard, assigned to Nash at Teslem Station.

KMR & D (Korlune Military Research and Development)

Dr. Royce MalvyneComptroller for KMR&D, works on the Armatus Project at Velasco Station.
Dr. Kier TamsinClinical Psychiatrist – William Woodbine’s nephew, Ashley’s cousin, works on the Armatus Project at Velasco Station
Dr. Ashley HarloMed-Tech assigned to project – William Woodbine’s daughter, Kier’s cousin, works on the Armatus Project at Velasco Station.
Mech Davis TrentHalf Korlo – Diasporan prodigy working for KMR&D, works on the Armatus Project at Velasco Station. Nash’s best friend, and D05 on the BBS.
Tech Nash X. KorpesDiaspora born prodigy working for KMR&D, and assigned as the Master-Tech of The Armatus Project, Velasco Station. Tyran throwback and N01 on the BBS
Captain James NarciscoAssigned to The Armatus Project as ‘test subject’, eventual leader of Clan Destine.
Chief Inspector Aldus LangKMR&D investigator, sent to investigate the escape of James Narcisco from Velasco Station
Mech Kalish WyntMaster-Mech’s apprentice at Junelle, friend of Nash, and liaison for local black market.
Flynn WyntCivilian Employee at Junelle – Bartender, head of the local black market, and older brother of Kalish.
Dr. Blake HuriResearch assistant to Dr. Kruvic.
Dr. Winston StayneMed-Tech with KMR&D, throwback, and Nash’s cousin
Dr. Vivienne KruvicHead of Special Projects KMR&D
Dr. Selwyn MaroHead of the Recombinant Genetics Department, KMR&D
Tech Rey KezlenWorked briefly with Dr. Tom Sando at Harlo-Fyre, works with Dr. Selwyn Maro
Talim Rand, Director of KMR&D
Jasper KraneComptroller, Royce Malvyne’s boss.
Dr. Alys SantaroMaster-Tech at Teslem Station, and Nash’s advocate.
Master-Mech ChanningIn charge of the Mech-Bay at Teslem Station
Hal BeldrasBirlo Mech, throwback, Teslem Station
Daniel BeldrasBirlo Mech, Hal’s cousin, Teslem Station
Dr. LynelMaster-Tech, Head of a sub-group studying throwback genetics run by Dr. Kruvic and Dr. Maro, Teslem Station

Private Sector

William HarloCEO of Harlo-Fyre, Ashley’s father, Kier’s uncle,
Regina HarloSocialite, wife of William, sister of Edric Mallon, Council of CEOs
Edric MakonCEO of Makondi Corp, Regina’s younger brother, rival company of Harlo-Fyre, Council of CEOs
Dr. Rose TamsinArchaeologist, sister of Kier Tamsin
Devlin TamsinYounger brother of Kier Tamsin
Garren, Lar, and JexHarlo-Fyre Security Forces
Dr. Tannis ZeriaSecretary to Director of HR, Harlo-Fyre, Colonel Kael Sunder’s niece
Dr. Tom SandoFormer Head of R&D, Harlo-Fyre, committed suicide.
Dr. Owen SaundersHead of R&D, Harlo-Fyre
Perry FentonFormer Council Operative, now with Clan Destine
Clara FentonPerry’s Mother, and old love of Royce Malvyne
JascoWilliam Woodbine’s personal driver and bodyguard.
Jon AsonAssassin, middle son of Jacob Ason
Russell AsonEldest son of Jacob Ason
Jacob AsonHead of the largest crime family in all of Korlune.
Loren DervalFormer Suppression Guard, Bodyguard to Kier Tamsin, Ashley Woodbine’s annulled husband.
Petris SekkaroSuppression Guard, Loren Derval’s best friend, distant relative of the Sekkaro family
Jack UmbraPersonal legal rep for William Woodbine, and assorted powerful individuals. Rumoured to have ties to the Ason family, or be a Council Operative.


Rozwyn KuldFiancee of Nash Korpes, famous artist from Ribal.
Mech Diani Fel (nee Korpes) – Nash’s older sister.
Suna KorpesThe original Nash Xander’s daughter, grandmother to Nash and Diani
Master-Mech Pari KorpesDiani and Nash’s mother, Winston’s aunt


Evan StannicAnkoreshii Master Tech, Admin on BBS, friend of Nash, CFT (Chief Field Tech) is his official title. E01 on the BBS
Ed OlivierAnkoreshii Master Mech, Admin on BBS, friend of Nash, CWM (Chief Weapons Mech) is his official title. E02 on the BBS
Marco AngorelCharismatic Military Colonel, successor to Field Marshal Hartoum as leader of Ankoresh
Marla AngorelMarco’s twin, Director of Ankoreshii External Security (A.E.S.)
Field Marshall Gerard Hartoumbeloved leader of Ankoresh, killed by terrorists
Professor Amsel RunicDean of Perul Institute of Science, currently on leave to pursue an astronomy project.
Captain / Major Fred KarlovKorsari Reserve Guard. Works as Marco Angorel’s personal aide.
Major Karl HartoumFormerly Korsari Guard – Clan Evora, Field Marshal Hartoum’s eldest, bastard son, and cousin to the Angorel twins.
Zia HartoumBastard daughter of Field Marshall Hartoum, Karl’s younger half-sister. Currently assigned on the Eastern front (Korlune / Seep border)
Dr. NarsylMed-Tech assigned to a secret facility near the border.
Mya Vaske (nee Olyn) – Agent with A.E.S., is given assignment to get Nash to defect. M04 on the BBS
Lieutenant Ryan JakesKorsari Reserve Guard, Clan Evora operative, tagged as one of the terrorists that killed Field Marshall Hartoum


Dr. Suna TekelArchaeologist and historian, specializing in military technology.
Eleanor OlivierCWT Olivier’s wife, has a mildly antagonistic relationship with CFT Stannic
Marrik VaskeComposer, worked for Hartoum Munitions, married to Mya Vaske.

The Prequel: Tamyrh Zero


Captain Ben RozwynCaptain of the Shartoya. Sent to Tamyrh to investigate the interrupted signal.
ShartoyaAn ancient Tyr Destroyer, used primarily for deep space border patrols.
Commander Jes Damiel (XO) – Second in command of the Shartoya
Commander Suna TekelThird ranking officer, taken by the Shard, presumed dead.
Lieutenant Lora ParosMaster-Tech and ship’s navigator
Lieutenant Nash XanderShip’s archivist, Di Halien photographic memory, married to Suna Tekel. Damaged in encounter with the Shard – is placed in autonomic suspension.
Commander Adam KaelIn charge of the small Marine detachment on the Shartoya
Second Lieutenant SharMed-Tech and Marine
Sergeant KandricMed-Tech and Marine
Ensign James AndalWeapons and Mech Pool
Ensign Rey KezlenArmory and Tech Pool, taken by the Shard, presumed dead.
Dr. Selwyn MaroShip’s chief medical officer, taken by the Shard, presumed dead.
Ensign CoreThe Quantum Gen System


Captain Solomon BarrishCaptain of the Korvyne, his vessel was attacked by the Shard in slip, while returning form a covert science mission
Korvyne – A Birlo Ves-Class Battle-Cruiser


AlienDragged from slip into orbit around Tamyrh, only to be forced to crash land on the planet’s surface.