Authors Talk About It – 2017

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J.I. Rogers

In J.I. Rogers’ The Korpes File, Nash Korpes is an outcast in a dystopian world. He’s considered a “throwback” of his Tyran ancestors. Only a handful of the people in his life are accepting of him let alone trust him or show him respect. His unique looks and quick-to-anger temperment push others even further from him. His brilliant mind helps uncover deep, dark corruption, but his tendency to take a stand against wrong doing often puts him in the path of trouble.

There are an exceptional number of characters in The Korpes File. With that and the complex names of said characters and various places, following the story can be challenging at times. In fact, in the early stages of the book, there seems to be some confusion as to what is happening. It could’ve been explained a bit more clearly. As fascinating and intriguing as the story is it will take some effort and patience on the reader’s part to comprehend and follow The Korpes File.

Though Roger’s nearly overpacked The Korpes File with characters those characters are deep, multi-dimensional personalities. Rogers has a way of writing that feeds the characters’ feelings right into the heart and mind of the reader. It’s an intricate and page-turning tale with numerous substories. The Korpes File is very well-written, and the elaborate plot structure and cast of characters adds so much to the story that it turned into an exceptionally intrigiuing tale. The sci-fi piece is plainly at the core of the story, but J.I. Rogers fluidly incorporated levels of racism, love and corruption into the storyline as well. The Korpes File is sure to be a hit with sci-fi fans. Job well done!

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.