Balance in Writing

s a gibson


Over the years I’ve worried about crossing lines in my writing. Sometimes I have the job of writing funny material. Once, I was taken off my column in a company newsletter because my humor was too biting. I was nervous when experimenting with fiction writing about creating villains. I feared falling too deep into the minds of the evil-doers. And today, I wonder if compromising my story vision might gain me more readers, and bring in higher income. I want to revisit these questions for my own enlightenment.

To recap, the questions for a writer are: What not to put in Stories?; To thine own self be true, but how much?; and What to compromise for success? The first question for me relates to my ethics and morality. I’m somewhat sensitive to stories I read. I don’t want to read much torture, violence toward the weak, sexual assault, and similar…

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“Why Votes And Stickers Don’t Prove Your Book Is A Winner.”

#IndieAuthors #BookAwards #Scams #Rant My junk-mail/spam folders runneth over with invites to enter my self-published book in award contests. I'll state up front that I'm a natural cynic. Don't get me wrong; I've already entered a few of the forty dollars or less ones - I've even placed well - but I urge those of … Continue reading “Why Votes And Stickers Don’t Prove Your Book Is A Winner.”